3rd Time DUI Offender found NOT GUILTY BY JURY
Realtor Blows .193 on 3rd DUI Arrest Involving Crash; CHARGES DROPPED
Driver Blows .291 (Almost 4X The Legal Limit); LICENSE REINSTATED
Caretaker Blows .384, A Near Lethal Result, Taken To Hospital For Evaluation; LICENSE REINSTATE

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Welcome to Musca Law

Our law firm offers some of the most talented Sarasota criminal attorneys in the state, and we provide defense to every type of person and every type of case in the state. Together, our law team has over one hundred years of combined experience, which we use to its fullest extent to ensure that each of our clients is given a proper defense that will represent them in court. If you are in legal trouble, no matter what type it may be, you need defense now! Musca Law has the criminal defense lawyers you want working on your case.

Musca Law Areas of Expertise

What type of law do we specialize in here at Musca Law? Every type of criminal law. Whether your case is a sex crime case and you are being wrongly accused of statutory rape or are defending against a Romeo and Juliet case, or you are being charged with any other type of criminal activity, Musca Law has the means to offer you proper and strong representation. Our law areas of specialty stretch as far as your problems may; whether you are facing a misdemeanor or a felony, here at Musca Law, we truly believe in innocence until the case of proven guilt, and as such, we will offer you the best support available. In order to see if our team is right for your case, contact us immediately.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) / Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)

Musca Law has a special amount of experience with DUI crimes. With many years of experience solely dedicated to defending in DUI cases, we can offer you some of the best protection and support for your DUI case that you can find at law firms in Sarasota. When you are put on trial and questioned, we make it our goal to do the same to the police. We want to find out whether or not they truly did have sufficient grounds on which to pull you over and check your blood alcohol level. And furthermore, we want to see if the tests were even accurate in the first place. If the officers who arrested you were in the wrong, we will find out, and chances are you will be able to walk free from the case. Many DUI victims have done so when represented by the criminal defense attorney team at Musca Law.

Violent Crimes

An average criminal lawyer in Sarasota can build you a case, but can he really defend you? What were the grounds for your arrest? What are the charges being filed against you? Violent crime is a very complicated area of the law, and as such it is important that you have an expert criminal lawyer on your side. Musca Law’s team of Sarasota criminal lawyers will build your case, and build it strong. We have experience defending clients in cases of battery, assault, robbery and many other violent criminal fields. Is your lawyer good enough to defend you properly, and reduce your sentence and/or get your penalties revoked? We know we are. Because we have some of the best criminal attorneys in Sarasota working for us.

Musca Law is here to help you

Musca Law in Sarasota is here to ensure that whatever your crime may be, you are defended. We will work tirelessly to put together the strongest case possible on your behalf. And from there, we will fight to ensure you receive as little penalty as is possible.

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